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Memorabilia, in Vain

Every failed relationship has its ruins, be it photos, videos, tickets, diaries... This website is a place where the stories of these objects can live, it is a depositary for memories. Under the categories of stages of grief, contents can be objects, movies, music, architecture or arts. Not only can you read other people’s memories, you can also express yourself on the journal page. With Memorabilia In Vain, you can share your feelings and experiences; the memories that you run over and over again in your head; the moments you keep inside of you.

Memorabilia, in Vain

Project by
Agnes Kan

Fall 2016




Every failed relationship has its ruins, such as photos, videos, tickets, journals. This website is a place where the story of these objects can live – it is a depositary for memories. Under each category of grief stages, users can upload images, movies, or songs with a written story attached to them. Users can publish these stories or keep a private journal on the website. With Memorabilia In Vain, I hope to relieve those who suffer from heartbreaks by letting them share their stories with others alike.

Agnes Kan


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Agnes Kan

Agnes is an art director and visual designer whose passions lie in advertising and UX/UI design. She was born in Hong Kong, studied in Toronto, and is currently based in New York City. Having had the privilege of experiencing cities with different dynamics and cultures, she learned the value of diversity, curiosity, and adaptability, which carries over into her work. When pursuing projects, she aims for innovative concepts with detailed-oriented executions.








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